About Viv & Edie

Viv & Edie helps you show off your unique style by creating luxurious, limited quantity, hand painted and foiled leather bags. Each piece has its own handcrafted variation, so just like you, your Viv & Edie bag will be one of a kind.

I'm Laura Shape, and I'm the one woman show behind Viv & Edie. My design philosophy is to create luxurious products that are timeless in their appeal. I believe good design blends beauty with practicality, and in this fast fashion age, owning quality pieces that have versatility and can be worn for a long time is a good investment both for yourself and for the planet.

For me, luxury is measured by time: the time a skilled artisan took to craft a one-off item. It's a sensuous experience: the gleam of beautiful hardware, the softness and smell of the leather, and the feel of a lush lining. Luxury is also knowing the people who made the product were treated fairly, and the materials used were thoughtful.

I paint and foil the leather for each Viv & Edie bag in my sunny Denver studio. All construction and sewing is done in Los Angeles (by another woman-owned company. Go, ladies!). My bags are made of full-grain cowhides specifically chosen for their beauty, softness, and durability. I use solid brass hardware and Riri zippers - the best quality zippers in the world. 

Viv & Edie bags are beautiful, well-made, and a little sparkly. You're gonna love them. 


Wait, if you're Laura, who are Viv & Edie?

Viv & Edie are my imaginary muses. They're a combination of all of the women I love and whom I aspire to be. They're funny, interesting, and well-traveled. They love a good brunch, a good cocktail, and a good book. They're effortlessly chic, a little bit glam, and always down for a good time. They've been around – if it was hip, they were there – but they're curious, adventurous, and like to keep it fresh. They're a little Palm Springs, a little Studio 54, and a little this picture.