“I just want a common, run of the mill bag like everyone else’s.”
- Boring people

You’re one of a kind.

So why would you carry the same lame bag everyone else has? Show off your unique style with a Viv & Edie bag, instead.

I'm Laura Shape, owner and designer of Viv & Edie. I was born with an eye for detail, a love of luxe, and an overwhelming need to make beautiful things. You want well-crafted bags that feel special and rare, with gleaming hardware, delectable leather, and lush linings? You're in the right place.

I design and hand-make each Viv & Edie handbag in my Denver studio. I use only the best materials - like full-grain, Italian nappa leather, buttery soft lambskin, and solid brass hardware. I produce my bags one at a time so you can customize them any way you like. That way, just like you, your Viv & Edie bag will always be one of a kind.

It's nice to meet you,

I'm Laura J. Shape. Nice to meet you!


Wait, if you're Laura, who are Viv & Edie?

Viv & Edie are my imaginary muses. They're all the women I love and aspire to be. They're funny, interesting, and well-traveled. They love a good brunch, a good cocktail, and a good book. They're effortlessly chic, a little glam, and always down for a good time. They've been around – if it was hip, they were there – but they're still curious, adventurous, and like to keep it fresh. They're a little Palm Springs, a little Studio 54, and a little this picture.

What people are saying about Viv & Edie

"Laura is a genuine wonderful person creating a super fun bag. I have one and absolutely love it. I will buy more."
- Tracy M

"So happy to arrive home to my gorgeous Viv & Edie bag! From the packaging to all the details, everything is so lovely!"
- Lea Ann H

"I don't typically buy expensive bags, but when I opened my delivery from Viv & Edie, I felt very well cared for."
- Amy Jo P

"I absolutely love my new bag."
- Michelle F