A long time coming

by Laura Shape March 09, 2016 0 Comments

A long time coming

Hey, hi!

Yep, it's been nearly 10 months since my last blog post, and much has happened in the interim. I fell in love, got engaged, sold my house, quit my day job, and moved everything to Denver, CO to be with the man I love. This move was kind of a doozy, since I'd lived in L.A. for 23 years, but now I'm feeling happy, strong, and excited for what's to come. I've decided to take this little belt buckle business of mine full time and really make a go of it. 

Hopefully, all of the experience I gained from my previous career in helping get Web startups off the ground will come in handy in trying to get my art career off the ground, as well. It's all starting right here. In the interest of sharing my work and my journey, I plan to do a blog post at least once per quarter to check in on my goals and stay honest.

So, to get this party properly started, here are the goals for 2016:

  • Set up a legal business in Colorado
  • Create a separate business bank account, with proper accounting, and learn Quickbooks
  • Upgrade the For Love & Legacy website with better design, better copy, and more useful features
  • Finalize the For Love & Legacy logo and trademark it
  • Get professional photography for all products
  • Complete 4 belt buckle designs
  • Build an Instagram following
  • Be featured on 5 blogs or websites
  • Be carried in 5 stores or galleries
  • Sell 50 buckles.

And how am I doing so far? Well, that picture above is belt buckle design number one completed. As of today, my Instagram account has 136 followers - a teeny tiny number, I know, but roughly double what it was one month ago, so that's progress. I've updated the design of the FL&L website. And so far this year, I've sold one buckle  - only 49 more to go! 

Sure, these are baby steps. But that's how it goes when you're trying to build something new. Gotta just keep your head down and keep working towards the goal every day. Fortunately, I love the process, and this is the most fun part.

See you in a few months.

Laura Shape
Laura Shape


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